Sinorock®’s Quality-Month Warning Meeting

Quality is the life and soul of the enterprise. Only high-quality products can make consumers leave a good impression on the enterprise. Quality is essential for the long-term development of an enterprise. Only with the facts and data to speak and with the quality to expand the market, an enterprise can be overcoming all obstacles and keep going forward.

On June 23, Sinorock simultaneously held the 2017 quality month warning meeting at the Luoyang factory and Changzhou company. The meeting mainly summarized and informed the quality problems that the company appeared before for warning all staff of the potential quality problems, so as to improve the quality control consciousness of all staff and avoid recurrence of quality problems.

One ant hole may cause the collapse of a dike thousands of miles long. The consequences of a very small quality problem are extremely serious. Quality problems not only reduce customer satisfaction and reduce confidence in the products, but also make the company’s brand image to be suffered great damage. Therefore, in the face of the quality problems that have occurred, we should analyze the causes behind it, and strictly control the quality of products from the root to enhance customer satisfaction and confidence in the company’s products.

The purpose of the quality month warning meeting is to improve the responsibility of all staff for strictly controlling the quality of products and shaping the brand image of company ,and urge all staff to further establish self inspection consciousness, mutual inspection consciousness and special inspection consciousness to jointly promote the realization of Sinorock brand dream!

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