Soil Nailing – An Effective Method of Anchorage

Soil nailing is an effective method of anchorage, soil nails are steel reinforcing members that are installed in a uniform grid pattern and grouted to unify the soil into a cohesive mass creating a soil nail wall.

Soil nailing is usually used to stabilize existing slopes or excavations where top-to-bottom construction. It is advantageous compared to other retaining wall systems. When all soil nails within a cross-section are located above the groundwater table, it proves economically attractive and technically feasible by soil nailing.

Sinorock is an anchor bolt manufacturer, which produces a variety of rock bolts including self drilling anchor system, duplex coating rock bolt system, expansion shell anchor bolt system and stainless steel self drilling anchor bolt system. They all can be used as soil nails for efficient anchoring, also known as soil nailing. Soil nailing is a retention technique using grouted tension-resisting steel nails that can be designed for permanent or temporary support.

As a professional anchor bolt manufacturer, Sinorock provides safety rock bolt products for engineering applications.

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