Best suited conditions for soil nailing

In general, the economical use of soil nailing requires, the ground has to be stand unsupported in a vertical or steeply – sloped cut of 1 to 2 m in height for one to two days.

In addition, it is highly desirable that an open drill hole can maintain its stability for at least several hours neither the execution of the work would be more challenging.

Geologically the best suited conditions for soil nailing would be characterized as the stiff to hard fine-grained soils which include stiff to hard clays, clayey silts, silty clays, sandy clays, and sandy silts are preferred soils.

Sand, gravels, cobbles, pebbles and boulder, which are dense to very dense soils with some apparent cohesion also work well for soil nailing.

Weathered rocks is also favorable for soil nailing while it would be weathered throughout and there should not be the weak planes.

The soil which has been deposited by glacial event is also favorable for soil nailing.

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