Manila Metro Construction

Transportation Department of Philippine plans to promote railway construction in Manila region and extend, rebuild light rail line 2 in the form of PPP. Government is now planning several railway programs, among these, line 5 will connect transportation in different regions and relieve condition of road congestion.

At present, 40% of light rail line 2 has not operated from Legarda station to Santolan station.

Metro is a speedy, large-volume and energy-saving urban rail traffic system. Its development can not only relieve traffic jam on ground, but also solve employment problem and promote economic growth along the line.

Soil nail has characters of lengthening and cutting, so small-size drilling machine can be used. It is suitable for narrow environment, such as basement and metro construction. Without casing pipe, soil nail is better for stratum which is easy to collapse. Through drilling, grouting and anchoring at the same time, soil nail bonds itself with stratum and has reinforcement and permanent support effect.

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