Working Performance of Soil Nail Anchor

The adaptability of soil nail anchor is strong, applicable scope is wide, it can be used in sandy soil, cohesive soil and broken decayed rock, etc. Compared with common slope-protection structures, the features of soil nail anchor are convenience, small work amount, low material cost and good supporting effect.

So soil nail anchor is an economic reinforcement method.

Soil nail anchor support has small deformation. The biggest horizontal displacement is occurred at the top. Tension distribution in soil nail anchor is uneven, it has discipline of middle big and both ends small. Only soil body has tiny displacement, can soil nail anchor be stressed.

Supporting property of soil nail anchor, which is reinforced by dense soil nails, has similarities with gravity retaining wall. When encountering destruction, it has clear character of translation and rotation.

In addition, overland runoff and underground water should be considered during construction. If water seepage is severe, surface concrete should not be sprayed, which aims to avoid slope collapse and hole collapse. So special measures should be adopted to lower underground water. Especially shearing capacity of clay soil, uplift bonding capacity of soil nail anchor have big relationship with water content.

Soil nail anchor’s construction duration is short and excavation is carried out at the same time. Excavation and soil nail anchor support are both constructed in layer, which can play soil body’s space-support effect. After several hours, slope displacement an deformation will be controlled.

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