Self-drilling soil nail is mainly used for tunnel and underground engineering, slope engineering, ground and foundation engineering. It can be used for pre-construction support and can effectively enhance the stability of soil and rock mass.

Soil Nail Wall Construction of Tunnel & Underground

Self-drilling soil nails are mainly used for initial support of tunneling. High pressure grouting is achieved through the hollow bar to strengthen the soil or rock mass to ensure the surface stability. According to the types of support in the tunnel, it can be divided into fore piling, radial support, tunnel-face support, locking the foot support and reinforcement of the tunnel portal.

Soil Nail Wall Construction of Slope Stabilization

It is mainly used for slope project with poor geological environment. Slope stabilization is ensured by the entire anchoring system itself subjected to tensile and shear forces. It can be used as soil nail support, slope protection barrier, falling rock protection, retaining wall, embankment stability, roadbed reinforcement and other different application scenarios.


Soil Nail Wall Construction of Ground & Foundation

It is mainly used for micro pile. Pressure, tension or periodic loads can be transferred to the surrounding soil, transferring structural loads to the underlying foundation structure and limiting the deformation of the building. It can be used as new building pile foundation, existing building structure repair, tower foundation, bridge reinforcement, soundproof wall foundation, protective screen pile foundation, anti-floating pile foundation, retaining beam anchoring and other different structural scenes.