Soil Nail Support in Slope Stabilization

Slope stabilization is a kind of method to support, reinforce and protect slope for ensuring its security and surrounding environment. Nowadays, hydroelectric station, expressway and railway all have slope stabilization project, their survey, scheme, design and process of construction relate to surrounding people’s safety and life, so the stability of project attracts more attention.

The demand of slope stabilization is high, construction time is limit and task is heavy, so constructors should not only quicken its speed, but also ensure quality and security. Scientific and effective methods are constantly raised and applied in construction of projects, of which, soil nail has played a quite important role.

Soil nail is a supporting method with the most widely used in the world recent years. It overcomes the disadvantages of common methods, combines drilling, grouting and anchoring together, timesaving, labor-saving and high efficiency. Especially in complicated geological conditions, it can make projects stabler and have a longer life.

Constructors have to control quality from the sources to enhance security of project, such as raw materials, machines, equipment, supporting method and monitoring system, etc. Compared with previous supporting methods, soil nail has provided better quality support and greater security guarantee.

To control flood and increase electricity generation, the expansion project of hydroelectric station is imperative. There are several disadvantages of this kind of project: steep and high slope, lots of caves, complex geological condition, narrow space for operating, etc. Project emphasized design basis, introduced technology of digital control, adopted new materials with impermeable function and support method of soil nail to improve the quality.

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