The Significance of Soil Nail Support in Micropiles

Micropile is a board concrete pile by adopting drilling, strong reinforcement and pressure grouting, with less than 400mm-pile diameter and over 30-slender proportion. The construction equipment demands small, which adapts for narrow places. With mall vibration and noise, less material consumption and higher carrying capacity, it is very suitable for downtown construction.

It is common material basis of every company, unit, the business and our living place, it is also guarantee for all the facilities moving steadily. Whether it is stable or not, it relates to people’s normal life and the development of civil construction.

While micropile has closer relationship with people and its design, construction and monitoring technology have become big difficulties gradually. It can not only ensure normal construction and stability, but also prevent deformation, soil body moving and normal operation of surrounding buildings, roads and underground pipelines.

In complex geological conditions, such as soft soil and high groundwater table areas, it is easy to happen slippage of soil body, instability of deep foundation, deflection of pile body, severe leakage and damage, which will cause great threat for security. So, it is very strict for stability and displacement control during civil construction.

Nowadays, supporting structures are perfecting gradually and there are many methods to support deep foundation. One method is soil nail, which is accepted by people increasingly.

Soil nail can be installed and constructed in narrow spaces, and it is quite simple to operate only by one person. Drilling, grouting and anchoring play a role at the same time, which is energy-saving and high-efficient.

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