Engineering Measures for Landslide Control

Landslide is a kind of natural phenomenon, referring to that soil and rock mass slides down along slope at weak structural plane or belt under gravity effect and influence of river erosion, underground water activity, rain immersion, earthquake, artificial slope cutting, etc.

To avid landslide bringing loss and destroy, except planting vegetation, engineering measures are more common.

  • Bypassing landslide or changing lines, adopting tunnel excavation to avoid landslide section.
  • Building surface and underground drainage system to eliminate influence soil body’s shearing strength from water.
  • As for sliding force, building weight reduction, counter pressure and retaining engineering to reach the effect of mechanical equilibrium.
  • Adopting slip band grouting, blasting, chemical churning pile, lime pile and other methods to improve and increase shearing strength.

The soil nail system has a suspension function for unstable stratum. Pretightening force can prevent separation layer effect of stratified rock mass, increase friction force. Combining with the soil nail’s shearing strength, it can also enhance stratum’s bearing capacity.

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