Ottawa West Extension tunnel construction in progress

Ottawa and Ontario officials announced October 11 that more than CAD 232M (USD 175.5M) in government funding will go to the Combined Sewage Storage Tunnel (CSST) project.

The project includes the construction of two tunnels: an east-west tunnel through the downtown core from LeBreton Flats to New Edinburgh Park, and a north-south tunnel along Kent Street from Catherine Street to existing infrastructure, just behind the Supreme Court of Canada.

The tunnels will reduce the frequency of sewage overflows into the Ottawa River during storms, reduce the risk of basement flooding and increase operational flexibility.

The Combined Sewage Storage Tunnel is one of the most important projects of the Ottawa River Action Plan, which is the City of Ottawa’s roadmap for protecting the health and vitality of the Ottawa River for present and future generations. Stainless steel rock anchors in tunneling can not only for reinforcement and support but also for the anti-corrosion effect. Owning to its good welding performance & inoxidizability, stainless steel rock bolts are mainly used in the permanent support of large initial stress of surrounding rock, or other projects which have special requirement for corrosion resistance, such as sub-sea tunnel, seaport, seawall and some projects in the industrial pollution area.

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