Famous Rock Bolt Manufacturer – Sinorock

Sinorock is the most professional rock bolt manufacturer in geotechnical engineering and construction industry in Asia. It has over 10000 square meters and 8 rock bolt production lines and accessories processing equipment. It provides the most innovative and effective solutions for a variety of ground engineering, slope stabilization, soil nailing, tunneling support, earth retention solutions.

Sinorock has full range of rock bolts such as Ordinary SDA Bolt, Anti-corrosion Rock Bolt, Duplex Coating Soil Nail, Hot-dip Galvanizing Soil Nail and Stainless Soil Nail. These rock bolts are available in a range of sizes and lengths. And all products can be customized according to customer’s demands.

self-drilling soil nail manufacturer

In addition, Sinorock has passed the ISO & CE certificates. To provide reliable products, Sinorock has built a set of mature, integral quality control system in the whole process.Sinorock has applied for a patent for their machines.

Sinorock concentrates on cultural construction all over the country. Though public service and culture cause is mainly undertaken by the government, companies should spare certain financial resources and energy to support medical care and educational issues.

Sinorock, the most professional supplier of self-drilling rock bolts in China.

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