Soil nails principle

Soil nail is a kind of slender rod that is used to reinforce or anchor simultaneously in-situ soil. Rely on interface adhesion with the soil or friction in deformed under conditions of passive power and withstand tension.

Soil nails are typically solid bars or fiberglass bolts that are installed into pre-drilled holes and then cement grouted into place using a separate grout line. A soil nail design life can be offered by placing the soil nails into plastic HDPE sheathing, and encapsulating the bars in grout, both within the sheathing and outside the drilled hole, offering double corrosion protection to the soil nail. Increased bar diameter and galvanization also can increase soil nail design life.

Soil nailing is an effective and economical method of constructing retaining walls for excavation support, support of hillside cuts, bridge abutments and highways. The quality of all aspects of soil nail materials, installation and grouting is paramount to projects’ success.

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