Soil Nail Installation Process

Soil nail is installed in complicated geological conditions in various construction projects, such as weak surrounding rock, fault fracture zone, high geo-stress, large deformation and other common types of complex geological conditions. These conditions caused great difficulties to anchor shotcrete support construction, especially in severely hole collapse and condition required a longer soil nail, most of normal specification soil nails can not reach the capacity of anchor.

soil nail installation process

  1. The orbital drilling machine will drill the soil nail to the design depth. (extended bolt connection using a coupling sleeve).
  2. Remove the drill machine, install grouting stopper, which is mounted in the drill hole 25cm from the opening place. Special circumstances such as large grouting pressure or broken surrounding rock, it can also be plugged anchoring admixture.
  3. Using rapid grouting joints connecting the end of the soil nail and grouting machine.
  4. Start the grouting machine, and shutdown when the grouting pressure reaches the design value.
  5. Installation plate and nut at the end of soil nail and spray protection in the concrete according to the design requirements.

However, sinorock self-drilling hollow grouted soil nail integration of drilling, grouting and anchoring as a whole. Can greatly improve the surrounding rock and to achieve the desired support effect in all kinds of slope treatment, which solves the difficulties of anchor into the hole. sinorock soil nail installation will be more efficient and labor-save.

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