Soil Nail Wall

Factors effect the slope stability can be divided into internal factors and external factors. Internal factors includes: the rock and soil type and nature of slope, the geological structure of slope,the shape slope and groundwater. External factors include: effects of vibration, climatic conditions, weathering, slope vegetation, human activity and others.

Soil nail wall is a relatively new type of structure, it is mainly composed of soil nail, concrete panel and anchor plates.
Reinforcement slope within a certain range of soil by regularly arranged soil nails, panels, anchor plate to form a composite structure of wall – soil nail wall which bear the pressure behind the soil wall.

Soil nail wall are mainly applied to more serious weathered broken rock slope, can also be used for silt, sand and gravels slope. Its biggest advantage is excavate soil layer by layer from the top of the slope and closed reinforcement rock slope timely, can effectively reduce stress the slope by excavation, so make the slope keep the original structural stability and avoiding collapse.

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