Why Choose Sinorock Soil Nail Anchor

Sinorock soil nail anchor is a kind of drilling grouting anchor bar which combines drilling, grouting, anchoring into one function, can ensure the anchoring effect in complex conditions (rock, soil, fracture zone, etc.) this type of soil nail has features such as reliable, efficient, easy installation.

Sinorock soil nail’s drill rod and anchor rod as one part, which can form the anchor hole in weathered rock, broken rock, backfill areas, sand, soil without casing pipe protection, to ensure anchoring and grouting performance. It is easy operation fast and save time, can save about 25% of the workload and reduce engineering costs.

It is has good diffusion radius of grouting and high anchoring reliable quality with high-performance grouting, filling cracks, consolidation of rock and soil, groundwater control.

Continuous thread make soil nail rod can be cut and connect at any point to fit work in the narrow construction. Meanwhile, the continuous thread soil nail having a stronger bonding resistance than smooth pipe . According to sinorock soil nail anchor test results, bonding resistance of it is 2-3 times higher than the smooth pipe.

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